Wausau Lyric Choir

Welcome to Wausau Lyric Choir!

In June the choir celebrated "A Night At The Opera" with our summer fundraiser. A warm thank you to all of the loyal sponsors and patrons who joined us for a night of fun, food, and of course music! We also thank our Artistic Director and Conductor, Carla Dul, and Accompanist, Ann Applegate, for their steadfast dedication to the choir and its mission.

We have posted our audition schedule for the 2018/2019 season on the Auditions page. If you are someone (or know someone) who would make a great choir member, please consider auditioning. We are always looking for good people! As we move into fall rehearsals, we hope you will keep an eye out for our December concert dates. They will be posted to our Concerts page as soon as available. In addition, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!